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Yuletide fic recs

Belatedly, my yuletide 2015 fic recs.


Bletchley Circle
Covert Operations
A full case fic

Court of Fives
small things
Specifically explores Amaya and Denya's relationship, pre-book.

Swallows and Amazons/Ballet Shoes
Which Things Brough Us Here
Petrova/Peggy, set during World War II

I Love You (So What)
I didn't watch UnReal for the femslash, but I still love the last image of the season, and so was happy to see this fic.

You Be Stunning (Baby, I'll Be Stunned)
Trina/Janet are my OTP, but this fic covers some ground the show ignored.

Mad Max
the burning wheel
A fixit fic that chooses not to be, the femslash is minimal.

12 Dancing Princesses
Princesses, Dancing

Orange Is The New Black
Learning to Breathe in Outer Space
This story does several clever things in creating a space AU about Suzanne.

MacBeth, Irish Mythology
Servants of the Morrigan

Strange Empire
The Antidote
Sex pollen fic.

To see most of the yulteide femslash, try this link


There's always joy in fic that is not only for fandom but also about fandom. For me the best of those this year were:

The Martian
What happens once Mark Watney's video logs are made public. it's a little more internet now than internet near future, but that really doesn't matter. #watneylog
(incidentally I just sorted Yuletide by Kudos, and this fic has the most)

Jane the Virgin
Rogelio finds out about RPF, and responds in a very Rogelio like way.

And I think this was probably the most retweeted Yuletide fic, at least that I saw:
This American Life (with various crossovers)

This is just short, but it's included for the crossover, because the world needs more:

The Bletchley Circle/Agent Carter

And I can't miss out fic for an actual NZ source text:
Footrot Flats
The Best Biscuits
The Scarlet Manuka rides again!

The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin
The First Train to Brotherhood
Not beautiful, but useful; much like Pravic.

Dark Matter
By the Numbers
Might count as preslash.

And a couple of fandoms where I'd just say read all the fic:
Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper
Several long continuations fics.

Ancillary books by Ann Leckie
Lots of tea and fish sauce

Yuletide Recs

I've finally had the time at a computer to put together my Yuletide recs, having read most of them on my phone.

Yuletide Femslash fic recsCollapse )

Yuletide All-the-Rest fic recsCollapse )

Nicole/Harper on Shortland Street

I'm amused that I had thought, ooh, Rachel's wedding, I'll catch up on yesterday's Shortland St (I've barely watched it for months), and as I finished watching it I saw the tweets about Harper and Nicole, so loaded up the next one to watch too. Yay! I was wondering if Harper and Nicole would work, months ago (I gather Harper's had an evil boyfriend follow her back from New york in the meantime, and then bugger off again?).

Anyway, I'm not too sure about this rush from commiserating about "guys we can't have" to suddenly kissing, but it's Shortie, everything gets rushed. I'm just pleased Nicole is getting some!

Have some grainy, low res pics.

See here for some of Nicole's backstory: http://www.flagshiptv.com/49-international-soaps/1700-shortland-street-recaps-spoilers-and-discussion.html


I've just realised I've been talking about this everywhere but here.

I'm visiting the US! My tickets are booked, I'll be going to New York for a week from the 20th January, and then going to LA to go to Xenacon and then stay with a friend. I'm so excited!

I have packing lists!

I have touristy things to do lists!

I'd love to meet up with peeps, so if you're in or near either city let me know and we might be able to arrange a get together.

And I'd love more advice on must-do things in NYC and LA.


Yes I Still Exist

One of the reasons I don't post often is because I'm barely ever up to date with my friendslist. I'm still compelled to read everything, but most of the time I start at skip?400, and read til I find myself coming somewhere around skip?600 and then rinse repeat the next time I have time. It doe smean i comment less and post not at all. But I am still here, just not as much as I am on twitter (@aquila1nz), and on Flagshiptv. And I'm playing with Google+ atm ( http://gplus.to/aquila ) And I read everything.

And so does anyone know why my friendlist suddenly won't go back past skip?625. I killed some feeds a month ago, which would have temporarily decreased it, but I can see no reason this week that I shouldn't be able to access the last 1000 posts. Very strange.

Things I'm looking forward to - the Auckland International Film Festival starts next week, I have many, many films booked: http://www.flicks.co.nz/features/2011-new-zealand-film-festival-line-up/

The Passionate and the Privileged

The Passionate and the Privileged, Episode 1

This is something I've really been looking forward to. PandP is a scripted drama played out on twitter. There are twice weekly episodes, where the actors playing the characters tweet to a script, complete with narration and added multimedia, and then between episodes the characters tweet and interact with the audience in character.

What Doesn"t Kill Us Makes Us StrangerCollapse )

There's a great interview about the show here:

Lost Girl

Soaps 451

While I mourned Guiding Light for the loss of Otalia and the fact that we never got to see the story untruncated, I also felt really disappointed that the show didn't receive official support to try and make the jump to online, as it had once made the jump from radio to television. It seemed the perfect time to take advantage of our enthusiasm for Otalia, and the show's long history, to push the envelope and start the transition. Instead all our efforts went to waste.

Read more...Collapse )

I originally wrote this for and posted it at: http://www.flagshiptv.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=11&func=view&catid=3&id=1281#1281

If you like solving puzzles

Hope Royaltey will be revealing information about the characters in her new series via a series of clues.

Last time she did clues there were codes, anagrams and internet treasure hunts, so if it's your sort of thing you may like to take a look.

The first clue is http://www.flagshiptv.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=74

The answer can be entered on the page, and it'll tell you if you're correct.

And the show, well it's fairly unique:

"It is an entirely scripted show, the characters will all be tweeting LIVE with a narrator filling in the action. The story is full of twist and turns, humor, heartbreak, mistaken identities, mysterious diseases, murder, deception, love, betrayal, freak accidents... let's see, did I leave anything out? Oh, yes, a slow burn romance that I think you'll all enjoy!"


More About the ShowCollapse )

Documentary Film Festival

It's me! Not only are my updates as rare as always, but I'm really struggling to keep up with reading my reading page/flist at the moment (I've hit skip 1000 once in the last month, and skip 600 far too much). I think it's time for some organising and trimming - of feeds and communities though, not people.

And the booklet for a documentary film festival arrived this week, I have no idea how I will fit going into some films in over the next few weeks, between work and weekend events and I've got regular commitments three evenings a week at the moment. But I really want to see some!

Full list is here:

my shiny long list to pick from, let me show it to youCollapse )

Crossposted, yadayada http://aquila1nz.dreamwidth.org/5340.html

Dec. 31st, 2009

Hey look, it's 2010!

Happy New Year and all that.

Maybe tomorrow I'll manage an about 2009 post.


Merry Christmas


More about the Cult

Right after I posted yesterday I found out that The Cult starts here Thursday week, and there was an article in the paper about it this week.


I"m sad Lisa"s hair is short againCollapse )


5 cities meme

I've added a second picture of city 1 and 5 to aid with guessing my cities.


5 cities I would like to visit one day meme

Five cities I haven't visited yet, but would like to. Can you name them?

In no particular order:


4 more cities belowCollapse )

Once a city is guessed correctly, I will tell why I want to visit it...

ETA: now with double pictures for city 1 and 5.

gacked from hellga

Crossposted from http://aquila1nz.dreamwidth.org/3622.html


Filming Onwards

The First Day of the Rest of Your LifeCollapse )

Mid-August LunchCollapse )

BirdwatchersCollapse )

10 films, 2 shorts
4 kid centred
4 coming-of-age
3 made me cry
1 Kazakhstan
2 sfnal
1 person snoring in the row in front of me
1 dud

Films: Day three and four

None of these reviews are particularly spoileriffic (the A Lake one is slightly).

Treeless MountainCollapse )

An EducationCollapse )

Six Dollar Fifty ManCollapse )

A LakeCollapse )

MoonCollapse )

7 films, 2 shorts
4 kid centred
2 coming-of-age
2 made me cry
1 Kazakhstan
2 sfnal
1 person snoring in the row in front of me
1 dud


Film Festival 2009

The Auckland International Film Festival started yesterday. So far I've seen three films:

Double TakeCollapse )

KissesCollapse )

Kisses was preceded by a short:

KehuaCollapse )

Still WalkingCollapse )

3 films, 1 short
2 kid centred
1 coming-of-age
1 made me cry
1 Kazakhstan
1 sfnal
1 person snoring in the row in front of me


And it's the next Film Festival

There are 139 films on offer in the New Zealand International Film Festival in Auckland this year.

I've managed to winnow it down to about 39 I think I'd love to see:

Now I need to cut it down to about twenty that I can afford, time and money wise, to see. And play the scheduling game so none of them clash (and yes, I just checked how much annual leave I have saved up).

That includes films from Korea, Japan, China, UK, USA, NZ, Australia, France, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Italy and two from Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan is big this year, there are three in total in the festival).

There's a section on humans and animals, and the usual range of movies about kids, though less that look like coming of age movies than usual. Quite a few about extended family get togethers. Some interesting NZ ones, and the retrospective is on a NZ documentary maker. The Incredibly Strange section didn't catch my eye much his year - mostly horror (including the Zombie Nazi film) though the priest/miracle healer by day, vampire by night Chinese film looks good, but I'm not doing more vampire movies. I don't like vampires. Even if I did see Let the Right One In twice last year.

The site is bouncing like a ferret right now, so apologies if links don't work, try again a minute later.

PS http://jill-lorie-hurst.istotallyawesome.com/ Always.

Outtakes Film Festival - XXY

Last night's film also had a short, both were centred on young intersex protagonists.

CloudedCollapse )

XXYCollapse )

I'm continuing to be really impressed with quality of the Outtakes films this year, not sure if it's because they couldn't run the festival last year, so had a deeper range to choose from, or if queer filmmaking is finally coming of age, or if the people choosing the films are just better at it, but these films are on a level with those shown at the always excellent NZ International Film Festival. I have bought a ticket to I Can't Think Straight tonight, wish me luck on getting there on time.

And Crystal's twitter is well over 1000 followers, 24 hours later. Otalia fandom rocks.





Let's face it, I'm looking forward to this way more than it is safe to:

My nine year old self watched the original V mini series with horrified delight, my 12 year old self loved it when it finally played in NZ after we came home, my older teenage self saved forever for the $100 to buy the video box set, and I plunked down money again a few years ago to buy it on DVD. I can't think critically about V at all, I just loved it too much, reptilian looking Marc Singer and all.

I have a V comic somewhere, bought in LA in 1985, I have almost all the tie-in novels (the AC Crispin novelization was pretty good, I loved the New York ones, I am grateful they introduced me to SP Somtow, and some of the rest were appallingly bad) http://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?tag=v+series&view=Aquila

I'm delighted to get to see Elizabeth Mitchell play an FBI agent, I don't see how Morena Baccarin, much as I like her, can live up to Jane Badler's scenery chomping Diana, I'm sorry that it looks like the "first they came for the scientists" aspect might not be in the new one (anthropologists as all seeing, hmm), but that that means this probably won't be another heavy handed Nazi Germany allegory could be a good thing.

See, I'm already too invested in what is going to be more bad scifi, aren't I?

In other news, I still have those two dreamwidth codes to give away, but it looks like the market is now glutted.




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