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Yuletide fic recs

Belatedly, my yuletide 2015 fic recs.


Bletchley Circle
Covert Operations
A full case fic

Court of Fives
small things
Specifically explores Amaya and Denya's relationship, pre-book.

Swallows and Amazons/Ballet Shoes
Which Things Brough Us Here
Petrova/Peggy, set during World War II

I Love You (So What)
I didn't watch UnReal for the femslash, but I still love the last image of the season, and so was happy to see this fic.

You Be Stunning (Baby, I'll Be Stunned)
Trina/Janet are my OTP, but this fic covers some ground the show ignored.

Mad Max
the burning wheel
A fixit fic that chooses not to be, the femslash is minimal.

12 Dancing Princesses
Princesses, Dancing

Orange Is The New Black
Learning to Breathe in Outer Space
This story does several clever things in creating a space AU about Suzanne.

MacBeth, Irish Mythology
Servants of the Morrigan

Strange Empire
The Antidote
Sex pollen fic.

To see most of the yulteide femslash, try this link[sort_column]=revised_at&work_search[category_ids][]=116&work_search[other_tag_names]=&work_search[query]=&work_search[language_id]=&work_search[complete]=0&commit=Sort+and+Filter&collection_id=34466


There's always joy in fic that is not only for fandom but also about fandom. For me the best of those this year were:

The Martian
What happens once Mark Watney's video logs are made public. it's a little more internet now than internet near future, but that really doesn't matter. #watneylog
(incidentally I just sorted Yuletide by Kudos, and this fic has the most)

Jane the Virgin
Rogelio finds out about RPF, and responds in a very Rogelio like way.

And I think this was probably the most retweeted Yuletide fic, at least that I saw:
This American Life (with various crossovers)

This is just short, but it's included for the crossover, because the world needs more:

The Bletchley Circle/Agent Carter

And I can't miss out fic for an actual NZ source text:
Footrot Flats
The Best Biscuits
The Scarlet Manuka rides again!

The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin
The First Train to Brotherhood
Not beautiful, but useful; much like Pravic.

Dark Matter
By the Numbers
Might count as preslash.

And a couple of fandoms where I'd just say read all the fic:
Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper
Several long continuations fics.

Ancillary books by Ann Leckie
Lots of tea and fish sauce
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