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There's lesbianing again on Shortland St

...which means I feel honourbound to recap.

So, three years later on Shortland St.

These days Nicole is married to Vinnie and they're bringing up his son Michael, from a previous relationship, and their baby, Pele. Looks like this will be a cheating storyline. Gee, I love those.

I've only been able to go back two weeks (last years episodes) to catch up with the storyline, but Nicole has become friends with new nurse Ruby who was introduced at the start of November.

I'll put links to Youtube episodes where I can. I'm getting "this content cannot be played in your country" messages for some of the episodes.

Episode 6142
Two weeks before the holiday hiatus Nicole's mother Leanne was having some sort of drama over her missing-presumed-dead husband and visiting stepdaughter, Vinnie was being kinda unsupportive about all the drama and Ruby visits with food (arriving mid contretemps),

hangs around and takes Nicole's mind off things, and when Nicole thanks her (and tells her she's far too kind) Ruby says "only to my favourite people"

which I think Nicole likes a bit too much.

When Vinnie comes home to more upset and makes things worse Nicole asks him to just go away and Ruby helps her calm down,
and they get a bit too close.

Fade to credits.

Episode 6143
Of course the next episode starts with backing off and apologies. "You're married, I have to go". Nicole's mother comes in as Ruby is leaving and tries to work out what is going on.

The next day Vinnie tries to make up with Nicole and Nicole almost denies they argued at all, but Vinnie is not unaware that she's avoiding touching him. Vinnie apologises thoroughly before the previous day, all Nicole can do is promise she's not angry with him and vinnie feels there's still something not right.

LOL, and Nicole and Ruby's next encounter at work is in the presence of Harper, one of Nicole's exes. Awkward. Harper takes it to mean Ruby has a crush on Nicole (way to miss the fact that Nicole didn't say anything, Harper). Nicole overreacts to her teasing.

Ruby does have a friend to talk to - who when Ruby tells her the woman she's thinking about is not available,

tells her to Block, Unfriend, Delete, but when she works out that Ruby's talking about a colleague she can't avoid, tells her she needs to clear the air, asap.

Ruby tries to talk to a busy Nicole (who is still sticking to "nothing happened"),

but can't bring herself to say anything.

But before the end of shift a harried Nicole tracks Ruby down

and apologises for being snappy earlier. Ruby says she's the one who should be apologising, for ruining everything.

"No you didn't."
"I'm into you, obviously. I thought I could keep it under control, but I can't."
"It's OK, Ruby."
"No, it's not. I can't be around you. It hurts too much."
"We will get over this."
"You probably already are. It didn't mean anything to you. It did to me."
"I couldn't have got through yesterday without you."
"I'm glad I could help. That's it, Nic, no more."
"What do you mean?"
"I don't need your pity?"
"It's not pity."
"Whatever it is"
Ruby tries to leave and Nicole says "It did mean something. You mean something." And kisses her.

Episode 6144
Next episode they're still kissing, but as soon as Ruby tries to get Nicole to talk she backs off and runs away. Nicole goes home and sleeps on the couch. Vinnie tries to find out what is wrong but Nicole keeps saying nothing is.

Nicole seeks out Ruby at work and tells her what they did was a mistake, inappropriate; Ruby says she knows what she felt and she knows Nicole felt it too. Nicole claims she felt nothing, Ruby says "You enjoyed it". Nicole says it ends here. Ruby checks she's sure, then leaves.

Later Nicole calls Ruby on avoiding her, she wants things to go back to they way they were, but Ruby can't until she's over Nicole. She's says she feels crazy for thinking Nicole felt something too when she didn't. Nicole admits again that she does feel something, but they can't do anything about it because she has a family and a husband who loves her. Ruby says again that she can see Nicole is unhappy, and she knows she shouldn't push this but she wants Nicole to be happy. Nicole says she will be happy again, as Vinnie approaches from behind them.

When he comes over and asks if things are OK Ruby covers, saying Nicole was worrying about her mum.

I feel like I've seen this story before...

Episode 6145
Nicole is ducking Ruby's calls and txts.

But Nicole's mum feels she owes Ruby a meal in return for the food she brought round last week, so that's not going to work.

Nicole tries keeping it strictly professional, Vinnie is still worried and asks Nicole about Ruby's crush directly, and Nicole admits they kissed. He asks when, and points out she lied to him. Nicole keeps saying it was an accident, a mistake while he asks for details. Nicole insists it'll never happen again, he says but she wanted it to. He checks no one else knows "because it's humiliating enough".

(dear soaps, polyamory would solve half your storylines)

Vinnie goes and talks to Ruby, warns her to stay away from them. Leanne and Nicole see the end of the conversation as Ruby retreats.

Leanne has of course gotten the wrong end of the stick and thinks maybe something is going on between Vinnie and Ruby, so she and Ruby have a conversation at cross purposes, which Nicole and Vinnie arrive in the middle of. And Leanne's loud declaiming leads to Nicole announcing loudly in the waiting room (because it's always in the waiting room) "Vinnie didn't kiss Ruby, I did".

Episode 6146
Leanne chases down Nicole to try and get her to talk about what she just found out, and as always focuses on her sexuality "Is it because she's a girl, are you having some sort of cravings?" "This isn't because I'm bisexual!"
You can count on Leanne to never learn and never not make things worse. But she does drop at least one bit of truth in "You can't just pretend it didn't happen." Nope, because there's no way the scriptwriters are going to let you.

Nicole and Vinnie go home and manage to have a good talk, which quickly leads to more.

When Ruby nexts sees Nicole she wants to check she everythings OK - with her mum and Vinnie - Nicole says yes but she doesn't want to talk about it.

But they're still talking emotionally about wanting the other to not be sad. Ruby leaves, saying it's over and Vinnie is a lucky man, but Nicole still looks unsure.

Later, when Nicole suprises Vinnie with an afternoon off and no kids, she and Ruby exchange a glance as she hugs Vinnie.

Episode 6149/50 This is the Nicole/Ruby bits from this episode, it wouldn't play for me in NZ though:
Final cliffhanger heavy episode of the year. Someone's planning the staff Christmas party, Ruby wasn't intending to go, the organiser tries to convince her to, in Nicole and Leanne's presence. Nicole worries Leanne pressured Ruby not to go, so later she tries convince Ruby to go.

She falls back into talking about them becoming friends again, when Ruby tries to get her to admit to more she focuses on the Christmas party again. Ruby says she doesn't do Christmas "Angry lesbian versus Catholic Church". Nicole says Christmas is for everyone, Ruby says it's for kids. And families. "Go be with yours."

Later Nicole chats with a friend who is newly in love and felling rather (happily) overwhelmed. Nicole starts quietly crying, to her friend's complete confusion.

Meanwhile Ruby's friend is getting dressed up to go to the party, despite also having a sucky lovelife. She tries to get Ruby to go too "At least you don't have to see your love going with someone else" "Is that what's going on" "Damn straight. Literally." But it seems she has convinced ruby to go.

Ruby and Nicole make nice at the party in front of others, when the DJ loses the job Nicole mentions Ruby can sing, and so she sings Silent Night a capella in front of everyone, beautifully, because Christmas Epsiode.

(Nicole, asking her to do it "for you" was very mean).

Nicole follows Ruby when she leaves.

They talk about her singing, Ruby admits she only sang it for her - that Nicole makes her brave. Nicole says the church Ruby is part of Ruby too. Ruby says yes, you can run but you can't hide forever and tells Nicole to stop hiding. She takes her hand.

Nicole: I love my life and I love my boys, why aren't I happy?

They kiss,

and then Nicole says "Let's go, now" and leads Ruby out of the bar.

Episode 6151/52

Leanne got accidentally punched at the Christmas party, so she's in a hospital bed, Vinnie checks on her and asks if Nicole is around, Leanne, who has her suspicions about the looks being cast earlier in the evening, covers for her but leaves a very annoyed message on Nicole's phone.

Nicole makes it home, finds Vinnie on the couch. Pretends she got called away to the hospital, says she has to go back to see her mother.

She goes back to see her mother for an angry confrontation - where was she? "With a friend" "You mean, Ruby"
Nicole says she never wants to hurt Vinnie, she stills loves him, and the kids. She thanks her mother for lying for her, and begs her not to tell him.

Her mother tasks her with being a cheater like her father, Nicole insists it's only one time, her mother blames the lesbianism (Leanne still doesn't seem to understand bisexuality), she blames Ruby. She makes Nicole swear she won't Ruby again.

Nicole says she's ashamed of herself. Adding that to the low grade depression she seems to have been dealing with isn't going to go well...

Nicole and Ruby finally see each other at work.

Ruby says she woke up with the biggest smile on her face. Nicole says she can't stop thinking about Vinnie. She says she hasn't told him yet. Ruby asks if she wants to, Nicole says she can't keep lying to him,a nd nor can her mother, and that her mother has said she'll only keep quiet if Nicole stays away from Ruby (call her bluff, Nicole!).

Nicole says she loves Vinnie and doesn't want to hurt him, Ruby asks if she should resign, Nicole says she shouldn't be out os a job because Nicole made a mistake. Ruby says she has no regrets, it wasn't a mistake for her. Nicole convinces her not to resign because they're all adults. Sure.

Here's the so melodramatic promo that did the job of telling me I should be watching again:

More tomorrow.
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