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Last two nights on Shortland St

Episode 6154

An upset Nicole finds her friend Kate and tells her what she did - and that she just told Vinnie about it. Kate says she needs to get Ruby to resign, they can't keep seeing each other every day.

Meanwhile Vinnie unloads on his friends Mo; he thinks it's all over.

Nicole sees Ruby and tells her she told Vinnie everything.

She tells Ruby she can't see her anymore. She says she wants to save her marriage, Ruby suggests it's about the kids, not Vinnie. Ruby says she won't make it hard for her

- and Leanne arrives to yell "get your hands off her".

Nicole tells her mother she's told Vinnie, Leanne says "what did you expect you stupid girl".

Nicole and Vinnie talk and Vinnie insists Nicole take the kids to the beach house and he'll join them in a couple of days, to spend time with the boys.

Episode 6155

Leanne sees Ruby talking to another nurse and asks her "Whose home are you wrecking today?" because Leanne is a bitch.

Vinnie's friend is cold shouldering Ruby, but overhears her planning to meet a friend at the beach, and presumes she means Nicole, so he goes and tells Vinnie. Vinnie at least starts out saying it was probably someone else she was talkign to, but when he sees Ruby on the phone later he demands to know who she is talking to and grabs the phone off her. One of the nurses intervenes, gets Ruby out and tells Vinnie what for.

I have to say I'm not enjoying this storyline at all.
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