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Yuletide Recs

I've finally had the time at a computer to put together my Yuletide recs, having read most of them on my phone.

First up the femslash - I'm not going to give pairings, there's some joy in just seeing how femslash has been added to some of these.

Femslash fandoms that won Yuletide - I think Carmilla probably won overall, but I haven't watched it yet so I couldn't read those. But some other femslash maintext heavy hitters did well: like Orange is the New Black, and Gotham and a couple more subtext heavy fandoms did nicely. Bend it Like Beckham was all femslash all the time, Bletchley Circle had several femslash stories, of which this one was a standout:

Bletchley Circle
In the Blackout
This Bletchley-era story had a lovely buildup.

For the maintext fandoms:

The Children We Once Were
The femslash in this is brief, but as a story tieing the Gotham show to the future DCU universe this is great. But then, I'm a sucker for Babs.

Orange is the New Black
This one is all about the originality of the crossover.

And then there are the fandoms where you don't really expect femslash, so it's a delight to get it:

Just William - Richmal Crompton
William and the Fond Reunion
Could easily be one of the books. With more lesbianism.

Two more classic book series:

Peter Wimsey & Jane Marple
An Afternoon's Adventure
Bonus for the epistolary bits.

Scarborough Fair (song)
gather it all in a bunch of heather

And the female centric canons that always might produce femslash:

Lizzie Bennett Diaries
Good Cause
Another nicely in character story continuation.

Trixie Belden
Trixie Belden and the Sorrowful Sisters
True to its time and its characters.

The Steerswoman
Nights of Yes and No
I skimmmed some of this because I've only read the first book, but it's well done.

The amusing:

The Sound of Music
The Birds of the Sky and the Beasts of the Field
What if Maria had been sent somewhere different when she left the convent?
The ending is wonderful.

Great British Bake-Off RPF
The Malteser Falcon
Femslash is way less surprising here, but the mode is awesome.

The fairytales:

La Belle et la Bête
For Always, Forever
This manages the two things I always most want from Beauty and the Beast stories.

Including this because there's not enough Maleficent fic, and the femslash was outnumbered 4:1 by the het:

And Ever After
A what happens next fic.

But I love that this exists:
Sleeping Beauty
toast and tea, sunshine and shadow
A different version of misunderstood Maleficent .

And the rest - gen and het and slash in fandoms I love, or fandoms everyone knows:

Aliens fandom was big on everyone survives AUs this year. I liked the set up in this one, though there's not much story to it:


Black Beauty
The Kindness of Men
Ginger in a stealth crossover.

Fire and Hemlock
Fairy Reasonable
This one amused me, I'd be happy for it to be canon.

Tam Lin (Pamela Dean)
The Piper
An excellent, in character continuation of the story.

Intuition and Ingenuity
I like this story of Danny Dyson dealing with people who want things from him. Not being the chosen one.

Whatever Blows Up Your Skirt
Another classic could-be-an episode fic.

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