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Yuletide recs


Clouds of Sils Maria
I'm just happy that these exist.

Pirate AU
"After two days, Amy was sure there was something ever so slightly off about the deserted island."

I'm just reccing all the Unreal fics, because they're all femslash (or close enough) and they all capture the show.

Wizard of Oz
Dorothy stays with two women in San Francisco on her way back from Australia (I didn't know Dorothy had been to Australia (so many Aus jokes), but then I've only ever read one of the other Oz books,and it was a very long time ago)

Tipping the Velvet
A real historical event used to see more of Nan and Florence's relationship and worries.

Here's the full list of (tagged) femslash in Yuletide this year - I haven't read a lot of it, because a lot of it is for fandoms I've never heard of. Yay for rare fandom exchanges!


Anne of Green Gables
Just a little Anne of Avonlea story.

Beauty and the Beast
What happens when you rejoin history in this after-the-kiss fic.

The Arrival
Fixit fic

Every Heart A Doorway
A worthy, plot filled sequel, with a touch of fixit as well.

Swallows and Amazons
Peggy and Susan on a first aid camp.
All three S&A stories are great, though.

Eagle of the Ninth
"Marcus and Esca travel to 2nd-century Pakistan as escorts on a trade mission. When a murder is discovered, they must expose the killer in a city where they can trust no one but each other."

Honourable mention to the Aral Vorkosigan asks for advice from Captain Awkward, but I suspect everyone has already read that. Although I am sorry that the comments thread hasn't turned into an actual CA comments thread full of understanding feels and good (and bad) advice.

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