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Episode 6153

Leanne's choosing to make Ruby's life hard at work.

Nicole tries to tell her mother that it's her mistake and Ruby doesn't deserve her aggro and that they're not to talk about it again.

Nicole has booked a holiday home, and tries to convince Vinnie to find work cover at the bar so they can go away for the holidays.

Leanne sees Ruby talking to Nicole - passing on a message from a sick nurse -

and rushes over to tell Ruby to stay away from Nicole (loudly, in the middle of the waiting room, again).
Nicole: Can you keep your voice down unless you want the whole hospital hearing our business?
Leanne: Well they won't be hearing it from me. *crosses arms huffily*
Leanne tells Ruby she should resign, Ruby says she'd tried, Nicole argues with Leanne again, Leanne gets the last word as she huffs off.

Ruby gives Nicole her resignation in writing,

Nicole rips it up and says there's no need because she's going away. Ruby points out that she'll still feel the same way when Nicole comes back. Nicole say's she's going away to save her marriage and she can't stop Ruby using that time to find another job, but it's not what she wants. Ruby says it's not what she wants either.

I'm not sure she was talking about the job.

Vinnie says she's convinced him and they will go away. But the next morning there's problems because the bar was burgled and Vinnie puts off them going til the next day.

Nicole goes to the bar co-owner, who wants to help but just doesn't have the time, Ruby sees Nicole arguing and asks if things are OK, Nicole snaps at her, then immediately follows her to apologise. Into a convenient side room. She says she thought the trip away could fix things, but Vinnie can't go. Ruby says Nicole could take leave anyway, spend it with the kids, then she wouldn't have to see Ruby everyday. Nicole says she liked seeing Ruby, that's the problem.

As she realises they've moved away from talking about work Nicole runs away.

Nicole begs Vinnie for them to leave today, asking if the bar is more important than the marriage. She keeps saying they have to go, as Vinnie starts to worry he's done something wrong in prioritising the bar, nicole admits she's the one whose done something wrong, and tells him she slept with Ruby...
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