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This is not the uplifting woman loving woman storyline you were looking for

Shortland St Nicole/Ruby from Monday 23rd January 2017 - Thursday 2 February 2017

Episode 6157

Leanne is pushing Vinnie to talk to Nicole, or go and see her and the boys at the beach. meanwhile he ends up working an emergency with Ruby. Afterwards she tries to apologise to him and he blames her for wrecking his marriage.

Vinnie goes home and rings Nicole, she almost talks him into coming up to the beach, but they end up arguing over Ruby and Vinnie says maybe they’ll have to get divorced.

(amused by the walking with a parasol by the mangroves scene - this beach look more like upper harbour Auckland than a bach further afield)

Nicole rings Ruby to cry about Vinnie saying it’s over. Ruby begs her not to cry and asks what she can do, Nicole apologises and hangs up.

Ruby shows up at the bach

and when Nicole asks what she’s doing there she says that Nicole sounded so sad on the phone, like she needed a hug.

Nicole says she can’t be there because her stepson will see her. “You just found out your marriage is over”

“Don’t say that” “You shouldn’t be alone” “I don’t want you here, you’re the reason…I’m sorry, I’m not blaming you” You can, you should, it’s my fault”
Nicole says it isn’t, Ruby says they can be friends, but she’ll go if Nicole wants her to. She stays.

They talk, mostly about Vinnie. Ruby asks if the marriage is really over. Nicole says she can’t face going back to town, Ruby says she’ll help, Nicole says she’d be asking for trouble being round her, why would she?

Ruby says she fell for Nicole the first day she saw her. She takes Nicole’s hand and says that being with her was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and while she’ll settle for friends her feelings won’t change. Nicole tears up and kisses her.

Vinnie arrives unexpectedly, Nicole greets him in a hastily pulled on dress and jacket. She says she wishes he’d told her he was coming. He says needs to see where he went wrong so he can fix the problem, Nicole says he didn’t do anything wrong, and that she’s sorry for what happened today, Ruby… and Ruby comes out of the bedroom.
Nicole: You said you weren’t coming, you said our marriage was over.

Episode 6158

Vinnie storms out of the house carrying the baby with Nicole chasing after him.

(which member of shorty st’s production team has the cool ship playhouse for their kids?). Vinnie tells her he’s not hanging around for her to lie more, and puts both kids in the car. Nicole begs to go with them, but Vinnie leaves her behind crying.

Ruby is trying to talk Nicole into calming down - with a glass of wine, and maybe going for a walk on the beach. Nicole says she’s lost everyone she loves. Ruby says you love me, Nicole says she wants her family back. Ruby says the kids will come to understand,

Nicole says she wants Vinnie back as well, and tells Ruby to leave. Ruby tells her to look after herself, and leaves.

When Leanne sees Ruby at work Ruby tells her it’s over, but Leanne can’t get Nicole to answer the phone.

Episode 6159

Harper asks Leanne why Vinnie and the boys are back but not Nicole - Leanne takes about two seconds to crack and tell Harper what has happened. She’s back to blaming Ruby and threatening to deal with her.

And then Leanne and Ruby get stuck in the lift together, they bicker, but eventually Leanne finds out how much Ruby is hurting too.

Episode 6160

Leanne tells Vinnie that it was Nicole who rang Ruby, and that she sent her away after Vinnie left.

Leanne goes to see Nicole at the bach and blames her for everything - including leading Ruby into thinking she loved her. She tells her to fight for her marriage.

Nicole rings Vinnie, Michael replies and says he hates her for wrecking their holiday. Vinnie barely listens to Nicole’s plea, then hangs up.

Nicole tells Leanne she can’t go home because she’s just hurting Vinnie and the kids.

Also a couple of guys whose names I don’t know kissed, so go them. May their storyline have 100% less adultery and Leanne.

Speaking of adultery, Vinnie gets flirted with at the bar by some girl at a hens party.

Episode 6161

She later tries to get him into bed but he backs out.

Later Ruby tells Vinnie he needs to get back together with Nicole, because Nicole wants him, and she wants Nicole to be happy.

Meanwhile someone who saw Vinnie with the girl tells Leanne about it, because that’s always a good choice.

Episode 6162

Ruby and Leanne bond over an online auction for plates. IDEK.

There’s no Nicole or Ruby in the rest of the week, I guess the story will pick back up at some point.
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