Changeling in the Human Cradle

All input no output

Can I just show you my books instead? I seem to spend a lot of time titivating my library at Librarything

And for my online reading, here's my del.icio.us account.

For the record I do keep up with my flist fanatically, I read everything, comment occasionally, update almost never. If you read this do say Hi and I apologise if I seem to disappear midconversation. I'm pathologically bad at chatting, it doesn't mean I don't want to talk to you, I just find it difficult keeping conversations going. I bin two out of three emails and comments I start to write. And I feel incredibly exposed typing this here. Anyway there's a bunch of really cool folks on my flist, and I feel privileged to read all your posts.

I'm trying to remember to read on dreamwidth too:

Obligatory flagging disclaimer: I don't think there's likely to be anything on here that I'd be worried about anyone aged 10 or over being exposed to, since I credit them with the ability to decide if they want to continue to read something or not. Under that I'd expect some combination of adult supervision/precocity/going straight over their heads and how the hell did they end up at my journal, it's really not that interesting to the average eight year old? to protect any passing chilblains from the horror of words. So I won't be using the silly flagging system especially since it obscures cut tags, leading to a loss of contextual clues that might tell people why they don't want to click that link - or do. For the same reason I won't be flagging things on other people's journals, except maybe spam.